IKEA Restaurants Now Offer Food Delivery: Your Örder Of Grönsakskaka Is Ön Its Wåy

IKEA is always pulling through for us.

Contributing Writer
IKEA Restaurants Now Offer Food Delivery So You Can Have Swedish Meatballs At Home

We all have our go-to restaurants to order from when we're feeling lazy or haven't done groceries in way too long, and now there's a new one to add to your list.

IKEA just announced a new food delivery option available across the country through DoorDash.

"We know our customers look forward to an affordable meal at our IKEA Restaurant and we continue to find ways to become more convenient and accessible whether they prefer to dine-in or eat at home. Customers can order favourites like meatballs, Daim cake, Swedish Cider, and even kids meals to enjoy without having to start the car," a press release from the company reads.

Swedish meatballs delivered to your doorstep? You bet. Just make sure to check if IKEA delivers to your address on the DoorDash app before getting too excited.

If ever it doesn't, no need to fear – takeout will continue to be an option at IKEA Restaurant locations to make sure your cravings stay satisfied.

Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer