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best restaurants montreal

Several Canadian restaurants were recently ranked among the best restaurants in the world.
When it comes to some of the best restaurants in the world, Canada is home to some must-try eateries that prove why it's one of the biggest culinary hotspots across North America. Whether you're in the mood for sushi in Vancouver, fine dining in Toronto or a cultural foodie experience in Montreal, Canada's food scene really does have it all.

La Liste, an online French publication known for its annual best restaurant and hotel rankings, dropped its 2024 Top 1000 Restaurants and a total of 19 Canadian restaurants managed to appear on the esteemed list.

La Liste reviews the world's top restaurants and hotels through more than 1,000 guidebooks and trusted publications. The publication then converts each review score into a standard grade. Per La Liste, "several thousands of chefs are [then] asked to give their opinions about local guidebooks. According to the results of this poll, each guidebook is given a "trustworthiness index" ranking from zero to 10.

For each listed restaurant and hotel, La Liste calculates" the average of all standardized review scores, and later integrates online customer reviews, giving them a "10% weighting" when it comes to the final "La Liste score."

As for the best of the best Le Bernardin in New York topped the list with a score of 99.50, a rank the notorious New York City restaurant shared with six other eateries including Guy Savoy in Paris, Lung King Heen in Hong Kong and Schwarzwaldstube in Germany.

As for the best restaurants in Canada, Alo in Toronto was the very first Canadian spot to appear on La Liste's ranking — receiving an overall score of 96.5. In fact, Ontario took the lead with a total of nine entries, seven of which are in Toronto. A few other notable Toronto restaurants to make the cut are Edulius (96), Don Alfonso 1890 (83.5) and Scaramouche (77), to name a few.

Vancouver also received some love from La Liste with a total of four Vancouver restaurants making the ranking, including Published On Main (82.50), Hawksworth (80), and L'Abbattoir (78.5).

Montreal, easily one of the biggest foodie destinations across the world, also has much to be proud of. A total of four Montreal restaurants made this year's Top 1000 Restaurants, a rather impressive feat considering no other Quebec restaurant made the cut.

Vin Mon Lapin was the very first Montreal restaurant to appear on the list, receiving a "La Liste score" of 80. This is by no means a surprise as Vin Mon Lapin was voted the best restaurant in Canada by Canada's Best 100.

Toqué (78.5), Joe Beef (76.5) and Le Mousso (75) made up the remaining Montreal eateries that ranked on the 2024 list.

Wondering what other Canadian restaurants made it? Here are all 19 of the best restaurants in Canada, per La Liste:

  • Alo – Toronto, Ontario (96.5)
  • Edulis – Toronto, Ontario (96)
  • Langdon Hall Dining Room & Terrace – Cambridge, Ontario (90.5)
  • Don Alfonso 1890 – Toronto, Ontario (83.5)
  • Published on Main – Vancouver, BC (82.50)
  • Canoe Restaurant and Bar – Toronto, Ontario (80)
  • Hawksworth – Vancouver, BC (80)
  • St. Lawrence – Vancouver, BC (80)
  • Mon Lapin – Montreal, Quebec (80)
  • Toqué! – Montreal, Quebec (78.5)
  • L’Abattoir – Vancouver, BC (78.5)
  • Osteria Giulia – Toronto, Ontario (77.5)
  • Scaramouche – Toronto, Ontario (77)
  • Pearl Morisette – Lincoln, Ontario (77)
  • Eden – The Rimrock Resort – Banff, Alberta (76.5)
  • Joe Beef – Montreal, Quebec (76.5)
  • The River Café – Calgary, Alberta (76)
  • Buca Osteria & Bar – Toronto, Ontario (75)
  • Le Mousso – Montreal, Quebec (75)

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