Alexander Romanov's Spouse Opened Up About Her New Hockey Wife Life At Age 20 In Montreal

When Montreal Canadiens defenceman Alexander Romanov scored a goal during his first-ever Stanley Cup Finals game on Monday night, the whole city erupted in celebration. But the one who was celebrating the hardest was definitely Romanov's wife, Sofia Krasovskaya. 

Following the game, Narcity Québec reached out to Krasovskaya and she opened up about her time as a newlywed hockey wife in Montreal. 

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"When my husband scored, I didn't understand what happened right away until the girls and wives all turned around and started shouting and congratulating me," said Krasovskaya. 

"I cried with happiness and enjoyed the moment and felt proud of my boy!" 

Having moved to Montreal during the pandemic, the couple hasn't been able to enjoy the city to its fullest just yet, but according to Krasovskaya, they "really like" it here so far. 

"During the pandemic, it wasn't easy to move to another country, but together we got through it," she explained. 

"Now, the only plan for the summer is to win the Stanley Cup!" 

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