An Auction Of Used Montreal Canadiens Equipment Is Taking Place Until November 14

Auctions are always a good source of excitement. Currently, an auction of used Montreal Canadiens equipment is taking place until November 14 and it seems some people are willing to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to own a piece of equipment worn by players during the Stanley Cup Finals.

Sports fans can bid on items that belonged to Carey Price, Brendan Gallagher, Shea Weber, Nick Suzuki and others in this auction run by Tricolore Sports.

Being one of the most popular players on the team, Price's used items are mainly the ones people are bidding the highest for. At the time of writing this article, someone had bid $1,600 on the goalie's old gloves.

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So as you can tell, you'll need to be prepared to drop some serious bank if you're hoping to get your hands on one of these pieces.

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Whether it's Weber's skates or Gallagher's helmet, some fans and collectors are ready to spend. It's a dog-eat-dog auction out there...

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How much would you be willing to drop for some (potentially stinky) used equipment?

Encan Signature PRO, @canadiensmtl | Instagram

Used Habs Equipment Auction

When: Until November 14, 2021

Address: Online at the Tricolore Sport store