Quebecers In 32 Cities Are Planning To Protest The Curfew During Curfew Hours On Saturday

Demonstrations are set to begin half-an-hour before the province-wide curfew starts.
Quebecers In 32 Cities Are Planning To Protest The Curfew During Curfew Hours On Saturday

Plans for protests against the month-long COVID-19 curfew in Quebec have emerged on social media, with hundreds of Quebecers already having RSVP'd that they'll be attending.

One event in particular, organized by Action Coordination and Les Bracelets bleu de la Liberté, has attracted the interest of around 1,900 Quebecers. It's set to take place on January 9 at 7:30 p.m in 32 cities and towns as well as one municipality across Quebec. 

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We do not fear the police if they do their job, we fear them for indiscriminate officials that become interested in 'only obeying orders' from the politician[s].

Action Coordination

Quebec's curfew begins on the same day at 8 p.m., so protesters run the risk of a $1,000 to $6,000 fine if they are outside their homes without a valid reason.

Action Coordination, a non-partisan initiative that facilitated the peaceful protest, sent MTL Blog a statement explaining why they want to contest the next phase of lockdown.

"The government violates our rights without empirically justifying its decisions, in particular since the beginning of the crisis," it read. 

"The curfew, which has already been added to the panoply of measures, is the breaking point for many, while it exacerbates the activists already engaged."

A spokesperson for the SPVM told MTL Blog that the police service is aware of the protest happening in Montreal, but couldn't provide an estimate of how many police squads or protesters would be on the scene.

"There will be police on-site to assure the security of the protesters as well as to ensure that public health protocols are being followed," the spokesperson said. 

"We strongly suggest that people wear a mask and keep a two-metre distance in the best way possible."  

As for those participating in the protest, Action Coordination said most protesters are prepared to receive fines from police for breaking curfew rules.

"Some will quit [when] receiving an ultimatum from the police, but most will accept the ticket, not without debate, [but] with a smile," the group said.

"We advocate [for] freedom of conscience, so everyone is free to obey or [not obey] the measures in place, according to their soul and conscience."

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