Fans Are Reacting With Pride To Brendan Gallagher's Bloody Face & Calling Him A 'Warrior'

Gallagher's fight on Monday night left his face in a bloody mess.

If you're from Montreal or are a Habs fan, you probably noticed Brendan Gallagher's fight from Monday night's game  all over your Instagram or Twitter feed.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

It didn't take long for the internet to go off on the Gallagher memes, especially considering what his face looked like after his fight against Mikhail Sergachev, a Tampa Bay Lightning player.

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For reference, here's what happened for Gallagher's face to end up all bloody.

Many people both in Quebec and around the globe seem to be feeling for #11 after his hit to the ground.

Many have referred to the player as a "warrior," which he definitely looks like in all the photos going around.

He's even getting compared to Jesus.

It's definitely safe to say Gallagher did not look happy after the incident, and will likely be channelling that anger at Wednesday's game.

It seems quite a few Habs players have looked like they survived the apocalypse during games this season...

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