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Christian Dubé Has Tabled A Bill To End Quebec's Health Emergency

But the government wants to keep some powers until December 2022.

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
A person with a Quebec flag face mask walking down the street in a snowstorm.

A person with a Quebec flag face mask walking down the street in a snowstorm.

Quebec's health emergency could soon be lifted. Health Minister Christian Dubé has tabled a bill in the National Assembly that would by and large return the province to normal. If passed, however, the bill would extend some of the special government powers granted by the state of emergency through December 2022.

Among those, would be the power to change or revoke health orders, which the bill asserts would be used for the relaxation of health rules.

The government first declared a state of emergency two years ago and has used the powers granted to enforce mask mandates, prohibit private gatherings, and place restrictions on businesses, like restaurants, bars, and gyms.

While most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, the bill tabled Wednesday morning would continue to grant some special authority to the minister of health and social services under the Public Health Act.

That includes the health minister being able to order immediate access to documents deemed necessary to protect Quebecers during the pandemic, including confidential information.

According to the bill, some contracts, like those regulating vaccine storage and the management of vaccination clinics could also be extended for up to five years after the state of emergency ends.

But not everyone is pleased with the proposed bill.

Quebec Liberal Party Leader Dominique Anglade called the bill "a charade," and said the retention of some special powers by the CAQ government was an attempt to bypass the democratic process and "govern alone."

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