Everyone Is Craving Pizza Thanks To Danault So Here Are The Most Epic Ones In Montreal

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Craving Pizza In Montreal Cause Of Danault? Here Are 6 Epic Spots

Montreal Canadiens player Phillip Danault is becoming well known for his love affair with pizza. After every win, he can be seen at a post-game press conference chowing down on some serious slices, and we have to say, the whole thing makes our mouths water.

While we don't know which Montreal pizza parlour Danault considers his favourite, we do know that these six spots can make your cheese-filled dreams come true. 

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Slice + Soda

Price: $30 to $36 per 24-inch pizza

Address: Six locations in Montreal

Why You Need To Go: Known for their HUGE New York-style pizzas, Slice + Soda is for you if you can never get enough pizza. Don't be surprised if the box is bigger than your body.

Pizza Adamo 

Price: $27 including taxes for a 22-inch pizza

Address: 4629, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Pizza Adamo is well known for serving some of the best pizza in Saint-Henri. You may have to give the smoked meat, pickle and mustard pizza a chance — it's as surprising as it is delicious.

Les Garnements Pizza

Price: Around $20 per pizza

Address: 5800, rue de la Roche, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Just when you thought pizza couldn't get any more exciting, Les Garnements proves you wrong. Not only do they have bright and colourful dough, but the toppings are too good to be true: cheese sticks, fried chicken, kimchi, giant pieces of bacon... yes, please.


Price: $15 to $19

Address: 211, rue Beaubien E., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Michigan is a new pizza counter inspired by the Detroit Style Pizza (DSP). It features a square or rectangular shape, soft and light dough, and a crispy edge of caramelized cheese. In short, it melts in your mouth.


Price: $18.50 for the Meat Lover (10 inches)

Address: 3469 av. du Parc, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: During La Pizza Week 2021, Alto's Meat Lover won first prize in Montreal, according to public votes, and also placed third in Canada. With pepperoni, capicollo, smoked meat, bacon, minced meat, ham and Sicilian Italian sausage, it's not hard to imagine why it won.

Montreal Pizz’Cookies

Price: Around $20, depending on the order

Address: Address provided 48 hours before pick-up

Why You Need To Go: Pizza is not only a meal, it can also be a decadent dessert with Montreal Pizz'Cookies, which makes sweet pizzas. Cookies 'n' cream, Kinder Bueno, Kit Kat, S'mores... There's something for everyone.

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