At a press conference on Thursday, Dr. Horacio Arruda suggested that Quebecers might need to get a COVID-19 vaccination every year, depending on how the situation evolves around the world. 

"It's in our scenarios. Of course, we'd like the period to be less frequent than every year for all kinds of reasons," explained Dr. Arruda. 

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"Another important thing is to make sure that the whole world gets vaccinated, as well," he continued. "[If not,] it'll mean that mutations will be able to propagate." 

"I'm telling you potentialities. [...] It's possible that it might not even be annual, that it would be less frequent according to what happens. [...] Virologists around the world are looking into this to be prepared if ever a new strain emerges."

"The good news is that now, we have 11,000 trained vaccinators [in Quebec,]" added Health Minister Christian Dubé.