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3 English CEGEPs Responded To Quebec's Newly Proposed French Language Laws

Dawson, John Abbott & Vanier say students will be pushed to study out-of-province.
3 English CEGEPs Responded To Quebec's Newly Proposed French Language Laws

The directors of the Dawson College, John Abbott College and Vanier College — three English CEGEPs in Montreal — issued a joint statement saying Quebec's newly proposed French-language laws would "push more students to study out-of-province."

Bill 96 proposed caps on the number of students able to attend English-language CEGEPs. The CEGEP directors said the move "will not address the ongoing desire" parents and students have for wanting to attend English schools in Quebec.

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The directors "welcomed" the government's initiative to protect the French language, but said more analysis of the proposed bill is needed, specifically on the issue of a French exit exam.

"Many Quebec parents want their children to become bilingual in a French Quebec," the statement said.

"We are proud of the role our institutions play in higher education and of our contribution to Quebec society," the statement reads. "We believe in the principle of freedom of choice [...] as well as admissions based primarily on academic qualifications." 

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