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Mayor Plante Intervened At A Dangerous Construction Site Herself While On A Bike Ride

Maybe the most Montreal headline you've ever seen.
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Mayor Valérie Plante Intervened At A Dangerous Construction Site While Riding Her Bike

There are two guaranteed things you'll do and see while living in Montreal: biking and construction. And when you combine the two, another guarantee is the frustration you'll feel trying to navigate a dangerous construction site on two wheels, dodging cars and the insults of angry construction workers, alike. That feeling is exactly what Mayor Valérie Plante must've felt on her weekend bike ride to the market but instead of throwing a few middle fingers, the mairesse intervened and called up her team to help out the construction workers and make the area safer.

While I'm sure that she wasn't planning to go to work, Montreal's mayor took time out of her day to personally ensure public safety.

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"While cycling to the Ahuntsic-Cartierville summer market yesterday, I came across a dangerous construction site at the corner of rues Jarry and Christophe-Colomb," the mayor wrote in an Instagram post.

"Many families, on foot or by bike, were trying to cross in the absence of signs and clear instructions. I stopped to discuss the situation with the workers." 

Taking matters into her own hands, the mayor hopped off her bike to address the safety issue, making an example of the kind of action Montrealers can take when they inevitably come across problems as they move through the streets.

In a friendly exchange, the mayor asked the workers to try to manage the worksite better and thanked them for their hard work.

She then personally contacted the city's Mobility Squad, which intervened and secured the worksite. 

"The squad, along with the SPVM and the Centre de gestion de la mobilité urbaine, can intervene quickly when issues related to construction sites arise," she wrote. 

"It is one of the tools our administration has developed to ensure the safety of all users, regardless of their means of travel."

Mayor Plante reminded everyone that if you "are confronted with problematic situations on the public roadway, it is important to report it immediately by calling 311." 

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