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Seattle's New NHL Team Just Swiped Fleury From The Montreal Canadiens​

Montreal kept Price, but lost a different player to the Kraken.

Montreal Canadiens Lost Cale Fleury In The NHL Expansion Draft

Montreal Canadiens fans will have to say goodbye to defenceman Cale Fleury.

On July 21, Cale Fleury was picked up by the Seattle Kraken in the National Hockey League (NHL)'s 2021 Expansion Draft.

As the NHL's newest team, the Kraken had the opportunity to select a player from each existing NHL team, except the Vegas Golden Knights, who were exempt.

There was some talk of Carey Price being drafted by the Kraken when he waived his no-movement clause and wasn't placed on the Canadiens' protected list. But reports early in the day on Wednesday suggested the goaltender was not selected to join the Kraken, and those rumours proved to be true during the draft.

Cale Fleury, number 20, was drafted by the Habs in 2017. He played 41 games during the 2019-2020 season and scored one goal.

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