Montrealers Are Super Polite But Cheap Asses, According To New Uber Eats Data

Some hero spent almost $900 on Uber Eats at a Montreal patisserie. It was Quebec's biggest order of 2022!

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An Uber Eats delivery worker wears a branded carrying bag. Right: A Montreal restaurant sign reading "REPAS POUR EMPORTER."

An Uber Eats delivery worker wears a branded carrying bag. Right: A Montreal restaurant sign reading "REPAS POUR EMPORTER."

There's a wild and wonderful world of delivery cuisine on Uber Eats in Montreal, from the weird and wacky to the disturbingly delicious. New data from the company's 2022 year in review gives some uncommon insight into Quebec's eating and ordering patterns — including some not-so-flattering fast facts about how much Montrealers are tipping.

In Quebec, the most popular cuisines to order were Japanese, Indian and Chinese, in that order. Pizza and burgers were next in line, and it seems that folks from Sherbrooke are giving the most generous tips on their General Tao. Out of the five highest-tipping Quebec cities, Montreal came in last.

This is surprising, since Montreal came first in the ranking of most polite cities, determined by looking at how often people include the words "please" and "thank you" in their orders. And it makes sense that Montrealers are going out of their way to be more polite since we're also making the most additional requests out of any city in Quebec, according to Uber Eats.

The single most popular request in the rest of the country is apparently "no tomatoes," but Quebecers don't seem to care about that. In Sherbrooke and Gatineau, the most common request is extra sauce. Montrealers, though, want something removed: we request "no onions" more than anything else.

Uber Eats also determined the biggest, most expensive order of the entire year. It happened in Montreal, where a moneyed stranger spent a toe-curling $893.54 on pastries at an unnamed bakery. That's over half the average monthly rent in the city, according to!

It might not be as eye-catching as Spotify Wrapped, but this roundup of Quebec eating habits is nevertheless quite fascinating. And now you know the record to beat if you want to land next year's top spot for the most expensive Uber Eats order — just consider how much of your money is going to the actual restaurant you're buying from.

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