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Montrealers Rode ALL The BIXIs In 2021 With 5.8 Million Trips & More New Users Than Ever

It was a historic year for BIXI, with records broken for most new users and most new memberships.

Montrealers Rode ALL The BIXIs In 2021 With 5.8 Million Trips & More New Users Than Ever

Montrealers clearly love BIXI bikes, as illustrated by the company's record-breaking statistics for the 2021 season, which has just come to an end. If you have any doubts about that love, just take a look at the 5.8 million trips taken over the year.

Alexandre Taillefer, chairman of the board of directors of BIXI Montreal, called the company's historic figures "a testament to the ever-growing importance of the bike-sharing service, particularly the popularity of the growing number of stations and electrically-assisted bicycles."

BIXI says it had a record number of new riders in 2021, as well as a record number of people who signed up for memberships for the first time, "with a 70% increase over last year."

"As for the total number of trips, it has increased by 74% since last year, to 5.8 million, which is one of the best years since the birth of BIXI," a release from the company says.

Thanks to promotions and an early start date, BIXI was able to eclipse its previous records by a large margin. BIXI, in fact, says the 2021 season was the "longest season ever."

With the end of the season and bike stations coming down throughout Montreal over the next few days, BIXI is poised for even more success after the winter. The mayor, for instance, has promised to promote the service by adding thousands of new electric bikes to its fleet and will add even more stations around the city.

"While the majority of customers used to frequently use the service to commute to work or downtown, more and more people are now discovering the benefits of riding a standard or electric BIXI to shop, rediscover their neighbourhood or simply for fun," added Christian Vermette, director general of BIXI Montreal, in the release.

"This is just the beginning as we promise to continue to innovate in order to maintain our status as a leader in the bike-sharing industry."

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