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BIXI Is Coming Back To Montreal In 2021 With New Bikes And New Pricing

The season starts on April 15.
BIXI Is Coming Back To Montreal In 2021 With New Bikes And New Pricing

Warmer weather is around the corner and that means that it's almost Montreal BIXI season.

The program, created by the City of Montreal, will return for 2021 with 725 new electric bikes and 83 more electric stations, bringing the city's total to 1,905 bikes and 153 stations. There are also 7,270 non-electric bikes.

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The new season is also bringing a new pay structure.

Season passes will cost $99, and a monthly subscription will cost $19, which is almost half of what it was in 2020.

If you have a season's pass, regular BIXI rides under 45 minutes are free — with 5¢ added for every additional minute — and electric bike rides cost 10¢ for each minute.

Even if you don't have a pass, BIXI is still making it easier for a casual ride. There's a simple 50¢ unlock fee, and biking costs 10¢ per minute for a regular ride and 25¢ per minute for an electric ride.

"More than ever during this crisis, Montréal's bike-sharing service has proven to be an ideal mode of transportation," said Eric Alan Caldwell, responsible for urban planning and mobility with the City, in a press release.

"We are already looking forward to seeing you on April 15!"

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