Montreal's May Weather Forecast Is Bringing More Rain to Ruin Your Spring Dreams

Where are the flowers, May?!

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Three people walk through the rain on Montreal's avenue Mont-Royal.

Three people walk through the rain on Montreal's avenue Mont-Royal.

After a pretty tolerable, springy month of April, Montrealers may have high hopes for May, since it promises "flowers" and all that. Unfortunately, Montreal's May weather forecast seems to show the month bringing a few more showers, instead.

The average predicted temperatures for the first week or so of May hover between 12 and 13 degrees, according to Météo Média's monthly forecast. This is slightly cooler than the averages for the rest of the month, which are forecast to peak at 21 C towards May 31.

We're extremely unlikely to see a repeat of last year's surprise April snowfall this May since we're well and truly into the warmer seasons and snow is just not allowed to exist anymore. If there's May snow this year, feel free to write to me personally expressing your disappointment.

Environment Canada predicts rain for three days straight going into the first week of the month, with a 60 to 70 percent chance of rain until Thursday, May 4, at which point the weather is supposed to become partly cloudy with only a 30 percent chance of precipitation.

The theoretically reliable Old Farmer's Almanac for 2023 suggests May will be as hot as, or hotter, than average — which is just about as vague and likely as the Almanac ever gets.

On the other hand, Météo Média says temperatures will rise into the low 20s by the end of May, with the chances of precipitation remaining above 40 percent for several straight weeks. Get out your puddle boots and enjoy.

Willa Holt
Staff Writer
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