The First REM Train Cars Are Officially Rolling On Tracks Outside Montreal (VIDEO)

Progress is chugging along!
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The First REM Train Cars Are Officially Rolling On Tracks Outside Montreal (VIDEO)

The first winter tests on the Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) network are underway outside Montreal.

On January 27, the first train, consisting of two cars, ran on the 3.5-kilometre testing segment in the South Shore. Tests will go on for about 13 months. 

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In the coming weeks, these passages will increase and be observable on the South Shore.

Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM)

The "representative segment" on the South Shore, as the REM calls it, "is made up of all the components of the automated system, which will be present on the REM's 67-kilometre network, as well as two stations, Brossard and Du Quartier stations, equipped with platforms screen doors."

The tests will make sure all those components, which include the communications, electrical and acceleration systems are running smoothly, the REM tells MTL Blog.

The train will first remain at low speeds to "test its functionalities and gradually test the interfaces between each of the components of the metro system." 

Testing will then ramp up and the trains will eventually reach speeds of 100 kilometres per hour.

While it'll be an automated metro system, technicians will be present on the train throughout the tests. 

You'll be able to see them chugging along if you're anywhere between the REM's maintenance centre and boulevard Milan.

You're doing great, REM! 

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer