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One Of Montreal's Most Beloved Brunch Spots Has Opened A Pop-Up Location

Downtown just got a whole lot tastier!

Someone digs into a meal. Right: The layout of the Arthur's Nosh Bar Pop-Up.

Someone digs into a meal. Right: The layout of the Arthur's Nosh Bar Pop-Up.

Courtesy of Karolina Jez

If brunch in Montreal were a person, their name would probably be Arthur. Ardent fans of the midday meal swear by Arthur's Nosh Bar in Saint-Henri, a deli serving classic Jewish breakfast and lunch fare.

Now, there's a downtown option for those who don't live near the city's southwest. Indeed, Arthur's has opened a second pop-up location at Le Cathcart in Place Ville-Marie.

Fan favourites from Arthur's.Fan favourites from Arthur's. Courtesy of Karolina Jez

Unlike the original location, the pop-up is only open from Monday to Friday. That means you don't have to wait until the weekend to get your brunch fix.

You can order from a condensed menu with many Arthur's signature items, like the $14 Syrniki (Russian cheese pancakes), $20 McArthur chicken schnitzel sandwich, $35 Salmon Tower For (gravlax, bagels and cream cheese platter) and $18 Latke Smorgasbord (scrambled egg, potato fritters and smoked salmon).

The cocktail menu is also pared down, but you can still enjoy a refreshing mimosa ($12), peach Bellini ($14) or Aperol Spritz ($14), among other options. Non-alcoholic drinks include freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice ($8) and black cherry or orange soda and root beer ($4.50).

Someone holds up an Aperol spritz.Someone holds up an Aperol spritz.Courtesy of Karolina Jez

The new location features the same retro look and bright colours of the Saint-Henri restaurant. It is also run and co-owned by husband and wife duo Chef Alex Cohen and Reagan Steinberg. Arthur's downtown pop-up will stay open in Le Cathcart through mid-December.

Arthur's Pop-Up Restaurant in Le Cathcart

\u200bA table spread at the Arthur's Nosh Bar pop-up location.

A table spread at the Arthur's Nosh Bar pop-up location.

Courtesy of Karolina Jez

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Brunch

Address: 1, Place Ville Marie, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: This brunch spot is bringing a selection from their popular Saint-Henri menu to the downtown core.


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