7 Montreal Memes That Sum Up Our Feelings About Gyms Re-Closing

Shoutout to all the Montreal meme-makers.
7 Montreal Memes That Sum Up Our Feelings About Gyms Re-Closing

At the end of last month, Montreal gym-goers rejoiced as gyms reopened for the first time in months — but they were only open for 12 days before Premier Legault announced the province would shut down gyms in Quebec red zones.

As Montrealers everywhere enjoy the last few hours of their sweet, sweet gains, we've rounded up some of the memes that best express our emotions when it comes to gym closures in Montreal.

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While it's not clear that the main drivers of COVID-19 cases in Montreal are gyms and fitness centres, the number of new cases in the province* has risen steadily over the last week, peaking at 1,314 new cases on April 1.

It's clear that the premier's decisions on business closures are confusing to us all, let alone the dude in this meme.

Not even our parents' missed calls or unviewed grades compare to the stress Montrealers experience before a 5 p.m. provincial press conference (they're notorious for being deliverers of bad news).

Spongebob seems to be skeptical of the fact that, last week, Legault announced Montreal would see no changes to its COVID-19 restrictions — at the same time he announced new and stricter protocols in Quebec orange zones.

Montrealers are confused as to why Legault continues to keep classrooms open in Quebec while gyms are part of non-essential business closures. 

You might remember the "floor is lava" game from your childhood. In this meme, the floor is bringing Montreal out of confinement and opening Montreal gyms.

This meme claims that Legault's strategy all along was to reopen gyms so Montrealers could buy memberships, only to close them a few days later.

*This article has been updated.