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Quebec Olympic Diver Jennifer Abel Introduced Her Adorable 3-Month-Old Son On Instagram

Meet Xander!

Jennifer Abel with her family.

Jennifer Abel with her family.

Olympic diving superstar, Jennifer Abel and boxer David Lemieux introduced their three-month-old baby, Xander Lemieux, on Instagram this weekend, and he's just too cute.

Abel had first revealed she and Lemieux were expecting a baby back in November 2021, only a few months after she was surprised with a proposal at the Montréal-Trudeau airport.

Following their engagement, Jennifer officially hung up her towel for the final time sharing that she is "now looking forward to making room for the woman [she is]."

While she didn't disclose what was next for her, it turns out motherhood was just around the corner.

Jennifer and David announced the birth of baby Xander back in May 2022. However, the couple didn't share any pics of the baby's face.

While both Abel and Lemieux have been teasing fans with adorable shots of Xander on their Instagram pages, including cute pics of Xander being held up on a diving board and receiving lots of hugs from mom and dad, the duo have just now shared what he looks like, and he is totes adorbs.

"He is so gentle and strong, his curiosity piques my curiosity to become a better person every day," Abel wrote on Instagram, referring to Xander as her "Koko bear."

David Lemieux also shared the photo on his social media, writing "Hello folks. It's with a lot of excitement we introduce y'all to our son Xander."

With so many teaser shots leading up to the reveal, there was no doubt that he'd be the most beautiful baby, and alas, he is.

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