Quebec Boxer David Lemieux Is Hanging Up His Gloves For Good

"I’m ready for the next step in my journey," Lemieux said.

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David Lemieux training, Right: David Lemieux with Jennifer Abel and their son.

David Lemieux training, Right: David Lemieux with Jennifer Abel and their son.

Athlete David Lemieux announced on August 13, 2022, that he would officially be retiring from boxing. The Laval native has been professionally boxing since 2007 and has managed to accrue a whopping 43 wins under his belt, 36 of which were knockout wins.

Despite his success in the sport, Lemieux is now hanging up his boxing gloves for good.

"It’s been a hell of a journey in the world of boxing and I am so proud of where it has led me to and the man I am today but all this wouldn’t have been possible without your great support and encouragement, I say thank you," Lemieux wrote in an Instagram post.

In 2015, Lemieux scored a major career highlight after earning the IBF world title following his win against Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam at the Bell Centre where he sent his opponent to the ground after only four hits.

In 2017, The Ring Magazine named David Lemieux "K.O Of The Year" after his spectacular performance against Curtis Stevens — proving yet again just how remarkable a boxer David truly is.

While Lemieux didn't share what his plans are for the future, it's safe to say he's got his hands full. Not only did David propose to his now-fiancée, Jennifer Abel last fall, but the duo welcomed their first child together this May.

Lemieux's partner and Olympic diver, Jen Abel also retired from professional sports in November 2021. After a stellar 15-year career, David has proven himself as one of the best in the ring and is now ready for the next step in his journey and we're certainly looking forward to watching it all play out.

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