STM Metro Booths Won't Take Cash Or Coins Starting In Early 2022

Get your debit and credit cards ready!

STM Metro Booths Won't Take Cash Or Coins Starting In Early 2022

Those of you who pay your metro fare in cash — yes, all three of you — may have to rethink the way you pay in the new year. The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) announced that station agents at its booths will no longer accept cash beginning on February 7, 2022.

But those who prefer to use cash shouldn't fret. The STM isn't doing away with cash payments altogether. Automatic ticket machines, the STM's network of 350 ticket retailers, and buses will continue to accept the payment.

"This decision follows the evolution of customer needs," reads an STM press release issued Monday.

Since the STM finished equipping its ticket booths with contactless debit-credit payment in December 2020, it said the option is "gaining in popularity and now represents the majority of booth sales."

The STM also said it could see recurring savings of more than $1 million with this move "by optimizing and simplifying various operational processes."

In the fall of 2020, the STM surveyed its customers and said it found that only a minority preferred cash over cards.

"A minority of customers saw a negative impact with the removal of cash, primarily for reasons of desired flexibility, without even considering that the cash option remains available elsewhere," it said.

That said, the STM is aware that some customers may not adapt easily to this change. It said it knows some Montrealers require a human touch when it comes to buying tickets. With that in mind, the STM made it clear that it'll increase the presence of agents and station managers on the floor to help customers purchase tickets.

An information campaign is also in the works to educate customers on the upcoming changes, the STM said.

Prior to this announcement, the STM was already in the process of adding new features to facilitate card-based fare purchases. In November, it introduced an OPUS card scanning feature on the Chrono app, which you can use to see how many fares you have left, and you may soon be able to use it to add fares with your phone.

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