A Video Shows STM Officers Wrestling Someone After They Allegedly Didn't Pay Metro Fare

The STM will conduct an "internal investigation."
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A Video Shows STM Officers Wrestling Someone After They Allegedly Didn't Pay Metro Fare

On April 17, a video was posted to Twitter showing two STM officers wrestling with and striking a person who allegedly didn't pay their fare.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

The video, which has gone viral, has made many individuals question why the STM officers used such force to stop this person.

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What happened on April 17?

The video was taken on Saturday, April 17 at Jean-Talon metro station. Two STM officers are seen wrestling with a person as two bystanders attempt to pull the officers off the individual. 

As the officers attempt to subdue the individual, the individual appears to bite one of the officers and an officer then strikes them in the head. 

The bystanders who are trying to help the individual can be heard imploring the officers to "stop." An SPVM officer is seen at the end of the video arresting the individual.

What does the STM have to say about it?

The STM released a statement on Monday and claimed that "as is often the case with this type of video, we do not see the entire event and the elements that led to the intervention."

The STM's chronology of the event is as follows: 

  • "STM inspectors witness a person crossing the turnstiles without paying their right of way at Jean-Talon station."

  • "They join the person and challenge him."

  • "The latter refuses to collaborate and, in particular, to identify themself."

  • "The discussion lasts several minutes, as our employees try to defuse the situation"

  • "The person flees to the exit without having complied."

  • "Our inspectors go after them and physically intervene to immobilize them."

  • "The person actively resists and refuses to be still."

  • "During the procedure, the person bites the inspectors, causing injuries that require emergency treatment."

  • "The SPVM will also bring charges of assault causing injury."

Regarding the use of force, the STM insists the officers acted in accordance with "the model in force." 

"The force applied must be proportional to the degree of resistance and aggressiveness of the person. In this case, the person was aggressive, actively resisted and bit our employee, in particular refusing to release the bite."

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