The Montreal Canadiens may be playing in Tampa Bay tonight, but that's not going to stop 3,500 Habs fans from watching the game together thanks to a sold-out viewing party at the Bell Centre.

Fans who managed to snag $10 tickets to the Bell Centre's event will also enjoy a full pre-game opening show with a special light installation by Montreal's PixMob. Of course, Youppi! the mascot will also be there to entertain the crowd.

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Charles Saindon-Courtois, communications manager for the Montreal Canadiens, told Narcity Québec he could not confirm whether there might be more parties like this for future away games.

"There is nothing confirmed, but we are working on it. There are a lot of files in development right now and we want to go one day at a time," he said. 

At the time this was written, the Canadiens were still waiting for a decision from the government on increasing the number of spectators to 10,500 for upcoming home games.