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The Montreal Airport Has A New Video Game Lounge & It's The Very First In Canada

They've even got the newest Playstation 5 consoles!

Video game station located in the Montreal airport. Right: Exterior of the Montreal YUL airport

Video game station located in the Montreal airport. Right: Exterior of the Montreal YUL airport

With the recent changes in global travel measures, you can finally book a vacay with a bit more ease. Now, that doesn't mean travel becomes any less tedious. Well... until now, that is. The Montreal airport recently installed its very own video game room to keep you occupied while you wait to board your flight.

In an Instagram post shared on February 21, the Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport announced the official opening of their Cyber Station — an entertainment lounge full of video games, and the very first in Canada.

The video game room is located in the international departures area right by Gate 53, and is the perfect pastime for when you're bored before boarding.

"Are you a gamer? We just gave you another good excuse to get to the airport early," the YUL Instagram page wrote. "Come play video games at the new Cyber Station in the International zone. The first airport entertainment lounge in Canada!"

After clearing customs, visitors can explore the entertainment lounge and enjoy the variety of games it offers. The cyber station has more than 25 games per station, including the newest Playstation 5 console. It comes with high-speed internet, and an array of snacks to enjoy while you play away.

Visitors to the cyber station can pay $9.99 for 30 minutes, $18.99 for an hour, or $34.99 for two hours of game time.

As for the yummy snacks to choose from, gamers can enjoy some popcorn ($9.99), cold-pressed fresh organic juice ($9.99), water ($2.99), energy drinks ($5.99), or opt for a combo package that allows for 60 minutes of gaming, a popcorn and energy drink for $30.99. Taxes not included.

The entertainment lounge is open to anyone and everyone, and definitely beats just sitting around waiting to board your plan.

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