The STM Is Adding More Officers To The Metro & Hiring More Custodians Amid Concerns

It's also creating new "safety ambassador" positions.

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A Montreal metro sign outside Square-Victoria–OACI station downtown.

A Montreal metro sign outside Square-Victoria–OACI station downtown.

Montreal metro riders will see more STM personnel in the coming months. The company plans to add about 20 more of its special constables to the metro in an effort to address what the company describes as concern for passengers' sense of security and, in the words of STM CEO Marie-Claude Léonard, "social issues that are increasingly present on our network."

Special constables don't have the same powers as police officers, but they do attend the École nationale de police du Québec and carry batons. They do not carry firearms.

The STM is also creating a new position, that of "safety ambassador," which it calls a "hybrid position between security and operations." Around 20 individuals will undergo 80 hours of training to receive the new designation. The STM says it will then eventually deploy them in the metro to assist passengers and "[identify] safety issues," among other tasks.

Finally, the transit company plans to hire another 20 custodians to "improve cleaning operations at the most problematic stations, especially downtown."

"These measures are designed to increase the visibility of staff, keep stations clean, adequately protect critical locations, and strengthen the STM’s ability to intervene," Léonard said.

STM Board of Directors Chair Éric Alan Caldwell suggested additional measures could be forthcoming.

"We are confident that the measures announced today will help make a difference," he added. "But we need to do more."

Over the winter, the STM already deployed more constables to what it describes as "problem areas," including Berri-UQAM station. It also says it has put up cameras in the metro.

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