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This $2M Montreal Home For Sale Looks Ordinary Outside But Inside It's Like A Mansion

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House for sale in Hampstead.

House for sale in Hampstead.

You know what they say: don't judge a book by its cover nor a Montreal home by its exterior. There are hidden treasures among the countless commuter houses lining the streets of on-island suburbs: humble-looking homes with fabulous interiors — and the price tag to match.

This is the case of this fully-renovated house in Hampstead, on the market for almost $2 million. Built in 1962, the retro-looking ranch has twelve rooms in total, including four bedrooms, two bathrooms and one half-bath. There's also a two-car garage.

Entrance.Entrance.Charles La Haye and Jian Ma | RE/MAX Québec

Whites and creamy beiges dominate the spacious interior, reflecting the seemingly abundant natural light and heightening the sense of refined luxury.

Living room and dining room.Living room and dining room.Charles La Haye and Jian Ma | RE/MAX Québec

The wide-open living and dining areas seem to create a kind of great hall in the 3,000-square-foot house. The kitchen is a statement of grandeur, with classy white cabinetry, large mouldings and a focal point range.

KitchenKitchenCharles La Haye and Jian Ma | RE/MAX Québec

The lucky person who will be sleeping in the primarybedroom will have their own walk-in closet and bathroom with a tub and glass shower worthy of a luxury hotel.

Primary bedroom and the adjacent bathroom.Primary bedroom and the adjacent bathroom.Charles La Haye and Jian Ma | RE/MAX Québec

The basement includes two spacious parts, leaving room for your imagination. Home theatre, game room, man cave or sex dungeon... the choice is yours!

Basement.Basement.Charles La Haye and Jian Ma | RE/MAX Québec

In the back is a cute balcony that overlooks, what appears to be, a sizable yard. The lot is a generous 5,998 square feet.

Backyard.Backyard.Charles La Haye and Jian Ma | RE/MAX Québec

Get the details below.

Hampstead House For Sale



Charles La Haye and Jian Ma | RE/MAX Québec

Cost: $1,989,000

Address: 5811, rue Ferncroft, Hampstead, QC


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