This $6 Million House Has A Wildly Confusing Exterior & The Most Gorgeous Interior (PHOTOS)

Business on the outside, party on the inside?

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The exterior of a $6 million home in Westmount.

The exterior of a $6 million home in Westmount.

Sometimes, things seem chaotic on the outside, but everything falls into place once you step over the threshold. Is that a metaphor? Maybe! But it's also a literal description of the experience of looking at this $6 million Westmount house at 618 ave Murray Hill.

This home is a five-bedroom 1914 construction, which explains the aggressively plain (yet somehow overdressed) exterior. It's been very newly renovated, so much so that certain staging photos are actually virtually rendered. The house is also across from Murray Hill park, giving its owners a remarkable view.

Its 5,000-square-foot interior is sunny and beautiful, I promise, but you'll have to really examine the facade with me first.

Let's take a better look at that marvellously rectangular exterior.

The front of the $6 million home.The front of the $6 million home.Joseph Montanaro | RE/MAX

You may notice that there are no less than nine (9) distinct window shapes on just one (1) side of the imposing building. Even windows that initially seem the same, like the two on the top left, upon further inspection are different sizes. If you're counting, which I am, that adds up to more than one window design per million dollars spent. Quite a deal!

Once we enter the home, the chaos subsides into a set of impeccably staged rooms, each of which has its own charm and elegance. It's truly a shocking difference, so brace yourself for... the living room.

The sunny living room, staged with tasteful beige couches.The sunny living room, staged with tasteful beige couches.Joseph Montanaro | RE/MAX

The living room is an open, sunny space with a fantastic bay window that stretches from one wall to another. It's the bottom leftmost window on the home's front face, and it's a stunning addition to the expansive living space. The view from the window is of Murray Hill park. In the summer, what a lovely spot it must be! Despite all of the outside.

Next, let's visit the kitchen.

The newly renovated kitchen, featuring two ovens.The newly renovated kitchen, featuring two ovens.Joseph Montanaro | RE/MAX

You can't tell me that massive range isn't downright sexy. And the marble backsplash is quite an expensive-looking touch, which it has to be in order to make up for the outside. With plenty of storage and two ovens, this kitchen is hyper-functional as much as it is aesthetically pleasing.

The bathrooms, of which there are four, are also very pretty.

One of the home's four bathrooms.Joseph Montanaro | RE/MAX

This very well might be one of the simulated photos — take a closer look at the showerhead, for instance. But given the rest of the home, I trust that it'll actually look like this by the time someone moves in.

Finally, we can glance at one of the bedrooms.

The principal bedroom on the home's second floor.Joseph Montanaro | RE/MAX

Another spacious and sunny room, this one is on the second floor of the boxy building. It has yet another park view as well as its own bathroom with (get this) HEATED FLOORS! Once again, we come closer to understanding the $6 million price tag.

If you want to make this home your own, contact the realtors at RE/MAX, or just content yourself with looking at the photos and drooling.

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