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Old Montreal Has A New Vegan Burger & Shake Joint From The Mind Behind Sushi Momo

Chef Christian Ventura has done it again.

Plant-based burgers from Bvrger in Montreal, Quebec.

Plant-based burgers from Bvrger in Montreal, Quebec.

The Montreal vegan scene officially welcomes Bvrger, a new plant-based burger and milkshake spot created by Chef Christian Ventura — the culinary genius behind Montreal restaurants Sushi Momo, Casa Kaizen, and Bloom Sushi.

Bvrger is located in Old Montreal and officially opened its doors on July 18 — offering up a menu made up of plant-based burgers and shakes. However, it's certainly not your ordinary vegan burger experience.

Ventura spoke with MTL Blog sharing how Bvrger's menu is inspired by a mix of "unusual and complex flavours," all while "using the best possible ingredients and local [produce] when possible."

The plant-based chef went on to share a few of Bvrger's best sellers including its Le Truffle burger, which is made up of a plant-based patty, mushrooms, iceberg lettuce, grilled onions, pickles, and cheddar aioli all served on a toasted potato and green onion bun.

Other favourites include the Italian-inspired Mamma Mia burger, and Bvrger's truffle fries.

It's apparent Chef Ventura knew what he was doing when curating the menu, which consists of seven different burgers.

You've got choices such as Bvrger's Le Smash "Cheezy", made with vegan cheese (or "fauxmage" as Bvrger puts it), Le BVRGER, Le OM BVRGER and Le K-Town Foulet BVRGER, which is made up of a vegan fried "chicken" patty, spicy kimchi salad, marinated shishito peppers, sesame aioli, bbq mayo all served on a toasted onion bun.

Another hit is Bvrger's Le Foulet Vacon Avocat, which has crispy vegan "chicken", plant-based "bacon", or "vacon", avocado, jalapeno tomatillo mayo, avocado aioli, caramelized onions and tomato.

Bvrger also has its "Very Classic Cheese Burger," which Chef Ventura said is one menu item that's seemingly delicious enough for customers to have already come back for seconds a few times since opening.

While you might be inclined to try a few of their burgers during your first visit, be sure to save room for one of Bvrger's milkshakes.

Chef Christian Ventura told MTL Blog that foodies have been loving its O' Maple milkshake, made with maple butter, and served with maple cotton candy and maple popcorn, along with the Yaki Ono, comprised of yuzu, coconut and vanilla.

Bvrger also has five other shake selections to choose from including its chocolate, Oreo, vanilla, salted caramel and strawberry milkshakes.

In addition to this all sounding hella delicious, it also won't cost you much.

Burgers run from $9 to $16, while a choice of fries comes up between $4 to $5 and milkshakes $7.50.

Talk about scoring a burger and shake meal for less than $20!


Price: 💸

Cuisine: Plant-based burgers, milkshakes and of course, french fries.

Address: 401, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC


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