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UQAM Is Demanding The SPVM Do More For Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women And Girls

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UQAM Is Demanding The SPVM Do More For Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women And Girls

Quebec Native Women Inc. and a team from UQAM are joining forces to call on the SPVM to take serious action towards finding solutions for the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG) crisis in Montreal.

This study highlights that minimal progress has been made following a 2015 collaborative agreement between the Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy NETWORK and the SPVM related to police interactions with Indigenous peoples in Montreal

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Our women must be guaranteed the respect of their human rights, especially their rights to life and safety, without discrimination. 

Vivian Michel, President of Quebec Native Women

Specifically, the study asks, "How has the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) responded to the crisis of MMIWG in Montreal?"

According to the researchers, "The lack of services offered that are adapted to the needs of Indigenous communities and their members, especially by public services such as the SPVM,  exacerbates this crisis. This is an alarming observation that requires immediate in-depth reflection."

The report suggests a human-rights-based approach.

This is laid out in eight potential solutions, including those that highlight racial profiling and a lack of planning and resources to handle the MMIWG crisis.

Most importantly, the goals emphasize the need for respect and support by the community. 

"It is important to remember that the obligation of the SPVM to protect these rights is not limited to finding a missing Indigenous woman. It also entails a commitment to prevention, to diligence, and this can only be achieved through real cooperation with Indigenous organisations," says Michel.

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