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Canada is the seventh most gay-friendly destination in the world, according to a new MyDatingAdviser report ranking the "Best countries for LGBTQ+ Travel in 2021".

The report compared key indexes of attitudes toward LGBTQ2+ people across 34 countries. Canada ranked seventh based on social acceptance, sexual activity rights, civil union rights, marriage rights, adoption rights and military service rights, as well as anti-discrimination and gender identity laws.

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Canada's Green Party leader, Annamie Paul, says political leaders across the country should speak with one voice in terms of acknowledging systemic racism — and she told Quebec Premier François Legault as much in a December 2020 meeting.

MTL Blog asked Paul about her discussion with Legault, as well as her views on Bill 21, otherwise known as Quebec's secularism law.

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If you're a new or long-time Quebec resident and have ever wondered what exactly is the deal with your language rights in this province, a free webinar series hosted by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) might just be the thing for you. 

Starting on Thursday, March 11, the first webinar in the series, "Language Rights and the English-speaking Community of Quebec," will feature guest speaker Marion Sandilands, a lawyer who, according to the event description, participated in a "landmark" case involving minority language education rights.

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As the world celebrated International Women's Day (IWD) on Monday, the day also brought up gender issues that persist in 2021.

People reminded each other that trans women are women while cautioning against including non-binary folks in #IWD posts without permission. This begs the question: Where do we stand in terms of transgender and non-binary rights in Quebec

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Quebec Native Women Inc. and a team from UQAM are joining forces to call on the SPVM to take serious action towards finding solutions for the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG) crisis in Montreal.

This study highlights that minimal progress has been made following a 2015 collaborative agreement between the Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy NETWORK and the SPVM related to police interactions with Indigenous peoples in Montreal

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As police across the province hand out tickets in line with the Quebec curfew order, there has been a lot of talk about whether some fines have been fair.

MTL Blog reached out to Cara Zwibel, director of the Fundamental Freedoms Program at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA), to learn more about the curfew and the delicate and intricate situations in which the governments and courts find themselves when it comes to the new protocols.

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The Centre for Gender Advocacy is looking for a Trans Rights Advocate & Educator to join its team and help with the organization's continued efforts to promote "gender equality and empowerment."

As listed on the posting, the job summary states that the person would "Offer frontline services to trans populations, advocate for their rights and educate the public on trans issues and realities." This role would include a variety of responsibilities, including trans advocacy, public education, community outreach, and administrative tasks.

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In the wake of a wave of protests against systemic racism in Quebec, community organizations in Montreal are taking action to change the way the province thinks about policing.

The Clinique Juridique de Montréal-Nord has joined forces with Hoodstock and community lawyers to create a new app — and, according to the website, it's "a democratic tool to balance power between the authorities and the community."

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Montreal has got a pretty good reputation of having some of the cheapest rents in Canada, but they apparently come with a cost.

Journal de Montreal probed 21 landlords in the Montreal area to find out exactly what they are demanding of their new tenants in terms of money up-front. That includes post-dated cheques, security deposits, first and last-month rent, reservation deposits, etc. All of which is illegal by the way.

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