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A Woman Was Shot From Outside While She Was Near The Window Of Her Côte Saint-Luc Home

Police are looking into the possibility that she was shot by mistake.

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A Woman Was Shot From Outside While She Was Near The Window Of Her Côte Saint-Luc Home

A 50-year-old woman was shot while inside her Côte Saint-Luc home on the evening of December 3. The bullet was fired into the home from outside, according to police.

The victim was "near the window when there was a bang" and was "wounded in the lower body," said Montreal Police (SPVM) spokesperson Véronique Comtois.

"Following this event, the victim went to take refuge with neighbours," Comtois told MTL Blog.

She said police got a call concerning "a person who was shot" on avenue Macdonald at around 11 p.m. on Friday.

The woman was then taken to the hospital and there is "no danger to her life," said Comtois.

The victim was not on the police's radar prior to the event, leading investigators to look into whether the incident could have been some sort of mistake.

""At the moment, we are looking into what happened to see if there is a motive behind it. Are we talking about a mistake when it comes to the person? Are we talking about another person who could have been injured at the same address? The wrong address?" Comtois said. "We're really looking into theories at the moment. We don't have any that are confirmed."

In addition to meeting with the victim to discuss possible motives, investigators were on the scene during the night of December 3 to process it; that part is now over.

However, "the investigation is ongoing to try to figure out and understand what happened that night," concluded the SPVM spokesperson.

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