You Can Sleep Among Bears & Wolves At This Park 90 Minutes From Montreal

This walk on the wild side doesn't mean compromising on comfort. 🐻🐺

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​A bedroom with large windows looking out onto a field of wolves.

A bedroom with large windows looking out onto a field of wolves.

Courtesy of Parc Omega.

Daring to go where no North American park has ventured before, Parc Omega is redefining "creature comforts." Following a $10 million investment, the safari park is curating a wildlife experience that's as luxurious as it is audacious.

Building on the overwhelming success of their sleep among wolves program launched in 2018, Parc Omega is now raising the stakes. This time, they've thrown cinnamon bears into the mix, creating a scene straight from a wilderness documentary.

"The cohabitation of wolf and bear cubs is observed in the wild. This pairing makes our new immersive accommodations completely unique," said Parc Omega spokesperson Billie-Prisca Giroux.

"The popularity of the park's immersive accommodations made it necessary to expand our offerings," she said.

Nestled in rocky, mountainous terrain, the Parc Omega lodgings are nothing short of a nature lover's dream. With room for four, each unit is equipped with modern amenities, bringing a touch of the city to the wilderness.

Guests can brew a morning coffee on their Nespresso machine, huddle around the fireplace at night, and the view of animals from the comfort of cozy bedrooms.

Winter guests can witness an exclusive all-wolf spectacle as their bear companions hibernate, adding a seasonal touch to the experience.

The accommodation also includes access to Parc Omega for four people. That means a full day of close encounters with some of North America's most magnificent creatures.

You can drive through varied landscapes, from forests and meadows to rocky hills, observing and feeding diverse species like deer, elk and bison from your vehicle, or marveling at the agility of gray wolves and birds of prey.

Those interested can book online now for accommodation as of this September. The starting rate for a four-person suite is $599.

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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