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Positive COVID-19 Results In Quebec Can Now Be Sent Via Email

You can receive your results faster if you consent to have them sent via email.

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Positive COVID-19 Results In Quebec Can Now Be Sent Via Email

Due to the immense rise in daily positive COVID-19 results in Quebec, it seems Santé Québec simply cannot keep up with its individual calls to inform people that they have contracted the virus.

In a tweet Tuesday night, Santé Québec wrote, "Due to the high number of cases, positive test results will be communicated by email to those who consent."

"Those who are infected will have a quicker confirmation and will be able to inform their contacts more quickly."

So, if you plan on going to get tested soon, you'll have the option to have your results sent to you by email — even if you test positive. Previously, only negative results would be sent by email, while positive results would always get a phone call.

On December 21, COVID-19 cases in Quebec broke another record as the province reported 5,043 cases from the previous 24 hours.

This record shattered the previous one of 4,571 — set the day before — surpassing it by 472 cases.

Tuesday's data showed a rise of 18 hospitalizations, with six additional people in intensive care.

Wednesday's daily case count will be released on the Government of Quebec's website at 11 a.m.

This rise in cases and the surge in the presence of the Omicron variant in the province led the government to impose tighter restrictions as of Monday, December 20, including the ban of "high-risk activities" like dancing, karaoke, and office parties.

The Quebec government also ordered a "complete closure" of bars, taverns, casinos, cinemas, gyms, spas and concert halls starting at 5 p.m. this past Monday. There has also been a reintroduction of a work from home order.

François Legault also warned the population that more decisions would be unveiled on Wednesday, December 22 at 6 p.m.

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