Quebec Weather Will Be Extremely Warm In January — But It Won't Be 'Enjoyable'

"You may never have experienced temperatures this warm in the month of January."

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Montreal skyline during the wintertime.

Montreal skyline during the wintertime.

If you've been feeling as if it's warmer than usual in Montreal, that's because, well… it is. In fact, Quebec will begin its first week of the new year "basking in extreme warmth," The Weather Network says.

For those who have lived in Quebec all their lives, this January just might bring about some of the warmest temperatures seen across the province.

The Weather Network clarified what it meant by extreme warmth, saying it is a "relative term in the middle of January, of course. But temperatures coming in 15+ degrees above seasonal is no small feat for a time of year that usually requires multiple layers to take out the trash."

An upper-level ridge over the eastern part of the continent is the culprit behind this warmer weather. A strong, low-pressure system is expected to develop and pass through the Great Lakes early next week, which will only result in more warm air, says The Weather Network.

Although warmer days ahead are just what many of you might want, beware, 'cause it isn't going to be enjoyable.

"This won’t be an enjoyable warmth, sadly, as steady rain and gusty winds will accompany the warm front," The Weather Network reported, adding that winds in the area could reach 80km/h.

Luckily, these "extreme" weather conditions are expected to fall back to normal seasonal levels "by the end of the week."

For the time being, Montreal temps are expected to sit in the 2 to 4-degree Celsius range — with conditions cooling off come Thursday, January 5.

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Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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