A Quebec January Weather Forecast Suggests Lots Of Snow Is Incoming With Few Breaks

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Snow on a Montreal residential street.

Snow on a Montreal residential street.

January could bury us — if the Farmers' Almanac is to be believed. The publication has outlined most of its January 2023 Quebec weather predictions, suggesting the province could be pummelled almost without respite by snowfall in the month ahead. Perhaps more like fun, folksy conjecture than a hard forecast, the almanac nevertheless braces Quebecers for the inevitable winter unpleasantness to come.

The predictions out so far group together Quebec and the Maritime provinces. They call for an "unsettled" first three days of January with occasional snow and "gusty winds."

The almanac foresees a bit of a break from precipitation beginning on the 4th, followed by additional snowfall across southern Quebec.

If these predictions actually play out, there'd be another break between January 8 and 11 before things get really intense, with storms between the 12th and 15th, intermittent blasts of snow from the 16th to 19th, and between 10 and 20 centimetres of snow between January 20 and 23.

Between the 24th and 27th, the last day for which the Farmers' Alamanc has published predictions at the time of writing, there could be some light snow, too.

It should be noted that the almanac doesn't offer specific temperature forecasts, so it's unclear if and how much snow will accumulate on the ground.

The Weather Network, for its part, only forecasts out 14 days. But the weather patterns, if not the timeframes, that the site predicts for Montreal so far more or less align with the Farmers' Almanac provincewide predictions: a snowy, rainy mix on January 3 followed by more consistent snowfall through the sixth and sunny skies from the seventh to ninth.

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