Montreal Weather In The First Week Of January Could Make It Feel Like We Skipped Winter

Let's hope the warm, wet January debut isn't a bad omen...

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A car drives through a water-filled pothole on a Montreal street.

A car drives through a water-filled pothole on a Montreal street.

2023 will start off wet and unseasonably warm, according to Environment Canada. Whether it's mere happenstance, a harbinger of impending climate doom or a portent of a gloomy twelve months ahead, the New Year's Day Montreal weather likely won't help residents' anxiousness about 2023. A recent Leger survey revealed that only 34% of Quebecers think it will be better than 2022.

It looks so far like Quebecers are in for a full week of positive daytime temperatures. And we're mostly not talking about temps hovering around the freezing point. Environment Canada forecasts a high of 8 C on both Friday, December 30, and Saturday, December 31, and 5 C on Sunday, January 1, 2023.

If the forecast holds, it could dip back down to 1 C on Monday but rise to as high as 12 C on Wednesday, January 12.

And there could be lots of precipitation. No, not picturesque snowfall. Rain. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Weather Network, for its part, is forecasting warmish temperatures through at least Thursday, January 12, whose projected high temperature of -4 C could represent a two-week daytime low.

But those warm temperatures and rain showers could be some of the last respites before weeks of near-relentless snow.

The Farmers' Almanac, perhaps more like a folksy guide than a hard forecast, is predicting at least five periods of snow in January.

44% of Quebecers in that Leger survey expected 2023 to be "about the same" as 2022. 18% think it'll be worse. A January full of cheerless weather might further depress residents' outlook.

Thomas MacDonald
Senior Editor
Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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