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Quebec Will Completely Lift The Vaccine Passport By Mid-March

That means no more needing to search for your ID all the time.

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Quebec Will Completely Lift The Vaccine Passport By Mid-March

The Government of Quebec just dropped another major news bomb. On February 15, Health Minister Christian Dubé and interim National Public Health Director Dr. Luc Boileau held a press conference to discuss the current COVID-19 situation in Quebec, announcing that the end of Quebec's vaccine passport is on its way.

According to Dubé, public health recommended a "gradual retreat" of the use of the vaccine passport in Quebec from now until March 14.

Then, as of March 14, we can say bye-bye to our vaccine passports — at least for the time being.

The health minister said the vaccine passport convinced many Quebecers to end up getting vaccinated, which is a success in his eyes.

So here's a little idea of what the gradual lifting will look like over the next month.

Starting February 16, the vaccine passport will no longer be required for large stores in Quebec or to enter the SAQ or SQDC.

During the second stage, starting February 21, the vaccine passport won't be necessary for places of worship and funerals.

The last stage, which will take effect on March 14, is that the vaccine passport will no longer be required anywhere. Yes — you read that right. Mask wearing will continue to be required indoors though, Dubé stressed.

March 14 also marks the day where "almost all restrictions will be lifted" in Quebec.

That means, starting March 14, restaurants and bars in Quebec can open at full capacity, with dancing and karaoke permitted. They can also open for their regular hours once again.

Large theatres, gyms, large concert halls, outdoor events and spas will all be allowed to operate at full capacity also.

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