Here's The Quebec Reopening Plan In Detail – Get Ready To Party (Or Hide)

March 14 is going to be a BIG day in Quebec.

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Here's The Quebec Reopening Plan In Detail – Get Ready To Party (Or Hide)

Normal life is knocking on our doors. During a press conference on February 8, Premier François Legault announced the Quebec reopening plan in major detail. From now until March 14, COVID-19 rules in the province will continue to loosen up every week.

So, mark your calendar for the following dates if you've been patiently waiting for life to start feeling just a little bit more like it did back in 2019.

February 12

Starting Saturday, February 12, there will be no more legal limits to private Quebec gatherings — just in time for the Super Bowl. But, public health recommends that Quebecers limit their private gatherings to 10 people or three household bubbles.

A similar rule will apply to sitting arrangements in restaurant dining halls. As of February 12, 10 people or the residents of three households can sit at a table in a Quebec restaurant together.

February 14

Valentine's Day won't only be for the lovers this year — it'll also be for the sports enthusiasts of our province.

Gyms in Quebec can open their doors once again on February 14, at 50% capacity. The same rule applies to spas and saunas in the province.

On this day, sports matches will be allowed to resume again. And, outdoor shows are going to be permitted to have up to 5,000 people in the audience.

February 21

Starting February 21, stores in Quebec are no longer going to have a limited capacity.

Recreation centres, like arcades, bowling alleys and water parks, can reopen on February 21 at half capacity, with a mandatory vaccine passport for entry.

On this day, places of worship will be allowed to operate at a 50% capacity or a maximum of 500 people, with vaccine passports required.

As of February 21, private rented halls can hold up to 50 people — so if you need somewhere to host your friend’s birthday party, you know what to do. Don’t forget that the vaccine passport will be mandatory for all guests, though.

And finally, on this same Monday, cinemas, concert halls and indoor events can operate at 50% capacity, up from the current 500-person limit.

February 28

The following Monday will be a day many Quebecers have been waiting for: the reopening of Quebec bars! Starting February 28, all bars and casinos in the province will be able to reopen at half capacity. But, dancing and karaoke won't be permitted just yet.

Although sports matches can resume as of February 14, sports tournaments and competitions are only are allowed to restart on February 28.

For all those who've accepted the working from home sweatpants-all-day lifestyle, it may be coming to an end for some of us.

As of February 28, remote working won't be mandatory anymore but will continue to be a recommendation from the Government of Quebec. Employers will get to decide how they want to proceed.

On this Monday, places of worship and concert venues will no longer have capacity limits, with the exception of the Bell Centre and Centre Vidéotron.

March 14

Buckle up — March 14 is going to be a big day in Quebec.

During his recent press conference, Legault said that "after March 14, almost all restrictions will be lifted. We're taking a calculated risk to learn to live with the virus."

That means, starting March 14, restaurants and bars in Quebec can open at full capacity, with dancing and karaoke permitted. They can also open for their regular hours once again.

Large theatres, gyms, large concert halls, outdoor events, and spas will all be allowed to operate at full capacity.

Places of worship and rented halls will have new rules to allow for people without the vaccine passport to enter. Places of worship will be allowed to have a maximum of 50 people without vaccine passports, rented halls will be permitted a maximum of 20 individuals without it. With vaccine passports, rented halls can operate at full capacity.

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