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upla adventure park

North America's largest outdoor trampoline park, Uplå, is redefining night activities with its mesmerizing moonlit jumping experience. About half an hour from Montreal, in the dense Mont-Saint-Grégoire forest, it offers a glow-in-the-dark treetop escape.

As the sun sets, Uplå undergoes a magical transformation. The entire park lights up, casting a neon glow that promises an unparalleled jumping adventure surrounded by nature. With a canopy of stars overhead and trampolines illuminated below, visitors are treated to the sensation of jumping in zero gravity, 20 feet above the ground.

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Montreal's nightlife is widely praised, though some say partying in Sherbrooke is really where it's at. But if you're looking for a fun, outdoor activity that's alcohol-free and visually stunning, a new trampoline course 40 minutes from Montreal might just be your next adventure.

The course is usually open during the daytime, with trampolines and rope bridges for everyone aged three and up, but, as Narcity Québec first reported, the nighttime special is a new, limited edition use of the space. On weekend nights during the fall, the 20,000+ square feet of net and seven (seven!) trampolines glow with vibrant colours reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

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A massive suspended trampoline course opened just outside of Montreal in the late spring and is ready to get you jumping for joy! Uplå is a maze of elastic bridges just 30 minutes outside the city, where visitors can bounce along brightly coloured paths through the treetops.

Set at the foot of Mont-Saint-Gregoire, the adventure park offers a new way to engage with nature year-round. There are seven linked trampolines, three slides and one tunnel to explore. The trampolines hang 20 feet up from the ground with a two-tier trampoline reaching nearly 35 feet in the air.

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For once, it's okay to get suspended. About thirty minutes away from Montreal, at the foot of Mont-Saint-Grégoire, the new Upla Adventure Park is introducing a treetop course with trampolines held more than 20 feet in the air.

The aerial playground opens on June 4 with colourful passages connecting the 2,000-square metre site that lets you reconnect with nature.

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