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Tim Hortons Launched A New Line Of Vanilla- & Coconut-Infused Drinks & They're Limited Edition

They probably taste pretty tropi-cool! Anyone?

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A Tim Hortons in Canada. Right: The three new coconut and- vanilla-flavoured Tims coffees.

A Tim Hortons in Canada. Right: The three new coconut and- vanilla-flavoured Tims coffees.

Tim Hortons has announced a limited-time run of three new coffee drinks that blend vanilla and coconut for fans seeking a reminder of sea and surf during the depths of winter. The three drinks — Vanilla Coconut Cold Brew, Vanilla Coconut Latte and Vanilla Coconut Cappuccino — are all made with Tim Hortons' "100% ethically sourced" Arabica coffee beans.

"How many sellers of roasted coffee will ever say, 'This coffee was not purchased on ethical terms?'" founder of the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide, Peter Roberts, once asked.

"If sellers want to brag, they will showcase a label indicating that others (e.g., certifiers) approve. But, how often do we hear, for instance, that fair trade prices are 'not fair?'" Roberts continued in the Salon deep-dive.

Asking whether Tim Hortons actually considers the material impact of the farming and production process of their coffee beans may seem trivial — they're a massive corporation with plenty of stakes and interests that supersede preventing unethical practices.

But it's akin to ensuring that the Vanilla Coconut Latte and the Vanilla Coconut Cappuccino are properly topped with toasted coconut, or the Vanilla Coconut Cold Brews are finished off with a layer of espresso foam.

"Our new Vanilla Coconut beverages are the perfect way to add a little something special to your day," Victoria Stewart, Director of Beverage Innovation at Tim Hortons, said in a recent press release.

"The combination of rich vanilla flavours with just the right hint of coconut tastes delicious in a hot Latte or Cappuccino, or in a Cold Brew. If you're looking to elevate your coffee routine with something new, you have to give our Vanilla Coconut beverages a try."

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    Willa Holt
    Staff Writer
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