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Health Canada Has Recalled 5 Food Items — So Check Your Groceries

"Do not use, sell, serve or distribute the affected products."

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
People shopping at a Maxi grocery store in Quebec, Canada.

People shopping at a Maxi grocery store in Quebec, Canada.


Health Canada recently recalled several grocery products from the marketplace and the list has since expanded. The federal health department and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have flagged a handful of items that have been sold across Canada, some of which are due to the presence of pieces of wood or metal and others due to bacterial contamination.

The CFIA is urging consumers to inspect their groceries to verify if they're in possession of any of the recalled food products, if so, it is recommended to toss them out immediately or return them to the point of purchase. Health Canada also advises not to serve, sell, distribute or consume any of the affected items.

Here are the five recalled foods to look out for:

Dubon brand Mixed Forest Mushrooms

Recalled Product: Dubon Mixed Forest Mushrooms | 454 G

Recall Reason: Health Canada says that the recalled item was sold in Quebec and is being removed from shelves due to insects and mould.

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Fresh Prep brand Nutty Kale Salad

Recalled Product: Fresh Prep Nutty Kale Salad with Goat Cheese and Creamy Maple Dressing | 240 g

Recall Reason: The recalled product is being removed from the marketplace due to undeclared sesame.

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Summer Fresh and Compliments brand hummus

Recalled Products:

  • Compliments Naturally Simple Garlic Hummus | 227 g
  • Summer Fresh Roasted Garlic Hummus | 227 g

Recall Reason: According to Health Canada, "Summer Fresh brand and Compliments Naturally Simple brand hummus recalled due to pieces of plastic."

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Surface-ripened soft and semi-soft cheeses

Recalled Products:

  • La Vache à Maillotte: Mélo-Dieux — Surface-ripened soft cheese | Approx. 275 g
  • Le Fromage au Village: Angelus — Soft surface ripened cheese | Approx. 200 g
  • Le Fromage au Village: Le Casimir — Soft surface ripened cheese | Approx. 200 g
  • Le Fromage au Village: Le Cendré de Notre-Dame — Semi-soft surface-ripened cheese | Approx. 150 g

Recall Reason: "The affected products are being recalled from the marketplace due to possible Listeria contamination," Health Canada says.

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St-Hubert and Cavalier brand chicken nuggets

Recalled Products:

  • Cavalier Chicken Breast Nuggets | 4 kg
  • St-Hubert Chicken Breast Nuggets | 600g

Recall Reason: "St-Hubert and Cavalier brand Chicken Breast Nuggets recalled due to pieces of wood," Health Canada said. The products were sold in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

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    Mike Chaar
    Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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