A TikToker Asked Americans What A 'Double-Double' Is & They Were Clueless (VIDEO)

"Cheese and French fries?"

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A Canadian TikToker asks Americans if they know what a "double-double" is.

A Canadian TikToker asks Americans if they know what a "double-double" is.

To the average Canadian, a "double-double" isn't anything to think twice about. It's a coffee with two creams and two sugars from Tim Hortons, right? Well, turns out the U.S. doesn't subscribe to the same coffee lingo as we do here in Canada — leaving a few Americans totally confused when asked if they were familiar with the signature coffee order.

Canadian TikTok creator Jade Koch, who goes by @lifeofjadeee on the app, asked students at Arizona State University if they knew what a double-double was, and not a single person got it right.


Tim’s > In-N-Out .. right?? ☕️ 🍔 canadian #timhortons #innout #asu #americans

"If a Canadian asks you to bring them a double-double. What are you bringing them?" Jade asked the first two ASU students.

"Oh sh*t," the first person immediately said. "I'm not Canadian." Well, that's sorta the whole point of the video, isn't it?

"What do you think you'd bring them?" Jade asked. "A two-patty burger," they said. "Yeah, definitely like a double cheeseburger," the other person chimed in. "With double cheese!"

Now, while they were both incorrect, if someone brought me a double cheeseburger instead of a coffee, I wouldn't be mad.

Jade moved on to a student from California, who thought that a double-double was in reference to the iconic In-N-Out Burger. Turns out, a double-double is actually a two-patty burger with two slices of cheese at In-N-Out — a reply Jade got a lot.
And considering In-N-Out is a popular chain in Arizona, it's no surprise that folks thought that's what Jade was talking about.

While the student wasn't right, they gave another whack at the question, asking if a double-double was French fries and cheese. "Oh my gosh, I am forgetting what it's called…poutine!"

Jade broke the news that she still wasn't right, but was delighted that the person knew what a poutine even was.

The last two respondents also guessed In-N-Out, making it clear we gotta either get a Timmies at the ASU campus or start making a "double-double" a thing in the U.S.

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