Canada Has Issued Travel Advisories For These Popular Summer Destinations

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A plane flies over a beach.

A plane flies over a beach.

As summer draws near, you're probably gearing up to hit the road or take to the skies, and explore popular sun and sand destinations. But before you start packing your bags, you should pay attention to Canada's latest travel advisories.

The government has identified potential risks in places like Costa Rica, Jamaica and Mexico, so you can make informed decisions about your next trip. Whether you're planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation or an adventure-filled escape, here are some go-to vacation spots that have been flagged:


\u200bA Nassau street in the Bahamas.

A Nassau street in the Bahamas.

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Risk Level: Exercise a high degree of caution

Why: Grand Bahama and New Providence are where the most violent crime takes place. Common crimes against tourists in Freeport and Nassau include armed robberies, burglaries, purse snatchings, theft, fraud, and sexual assaults. Even in daylight hours, incidents of robbery occur in cruise ship terminals and around popular resort areas.

Avoid Nassau's "over the hill" area (south of Shirley Street) and Fish Fry (Arawak Cay) area, especially at night. Deserted beaches should be avoided, and if you are threatened by robbers, it is recommended to stay calm and not resist.


Cabo Verde

\u200bBuildings and palm trees at the beach of Sal Island in Cabo Verde.

Buildings and palm trees at the beach of Sal Island in Cabo Verde.

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Risk Level: Exercise a high degree of caution

Why: There have been reports of violent crime, muggings (especially at night and in isolated areas), residential break-ins, sexual assault, and petty crime. Even during the daytime, it's not uncommon for assaults to happen on hillside stairways connecting different neighbourhoods.

Petty crimes like pickpocketing and purse snatching are also quite common, and often committed by children. If you're planning to attend any festivals, street fairs, or crowded outdoor markets, especially in Mindelo on the island of São Vicente or in Praia on the island of Santiago, stay extra alert.


Costa Rica

\u200bA beach in Costa Rica.

A beach in Costa Rica.

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Risk Level: Exercise a high degree of caution

Why: Petty crime is frequent, with pickpocketing and passport theft especially common. Tourists are seen as easy targets, so secure your belongings, avoid flashy jewelry and don't carry large sums of cash. Property crime is also prevalent, with thefts happening in popular tourist areas, hotel lobbies and restaurants. Make sure you choose well-secured accommodation, keep doors and windows locked when away and use secure parking facilities.

Violent crimes, including drug-related incidents, murders and armed robberies, have been reported in various provinces, especially Alajuela, Limón, Puntarenas, and San José.


Dominican Republic

A historic street in Santo Domingo.

A historic street in Santo Domingo.

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Risk Level: Exercise a high degree of caution

Why: Visitors should exercise caution due to crime, including violent crime in major cities. Opportunistic crimes such as pickpocketing and bag snatching are widespread throughout the country, particularly around resorts, beaches, airports and public transportation. Tourists are common targets for theft, and crime tends to increase during holidays. Drive-by robberies on motorcycles or bicycles, as well as theft from checked baggage at airports, have also been reported.

Travellers should plan to stay at hotels or resorts with good security, secure personal belongings, carry small amounts of money, avoid showing signs of affluence, and keep car doors locked and windows up when out and about.



Risk Level: Take normal safety precautions

Why: Heavy rainfall has caused flooding in and around Fort Lauderdale, impacting the area's roadways and impeding access to the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Although recovery efforts are ongoing, several areas are still affected by road closures.

If you plan to travel to the affected areas, it's advised to contact your airline or tour operator to determine whether the situation will affect your travel plans. You should also consult the City of Fort Lauderdale's website for updates on roadway flooding and emergency shelters, exercise caution, monitor local news and weather reports, and adhere to the instructions of local authorities, including any curfew orders.



Historic downtown in Falmouth, Jamaica.\u200b

Historic downtown in Falmouth, Jamaica.

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Risk Level: Exercise a high degree of caution

Why: Jamaica has high levels of violent crime, including armed robbery and murder in tourist areas and large cities. Firearms are widely available, and crimes can happen anywhere and at any time. Travellers should exercise caution, avoid walking alone, and not resist if threatened by robbers. Petty crime such as pickpocketing is also common, so make sure to secure belongings and use ATMs in public areas or inside banks.



\u200bA police car among palms near Canc\u00fan.

A police car among palms near Cancún.

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Risk Level: Exercise a high degree of caution (with regional advisories)

Why: Aside from familiarizing yourself with the country's new smoking ban, you should also be aware of regional warnings against non-essential travel to certain areas that are plagued by violence and organized crime, including Chihuahua, Colima, and Durango.

Criminal groups, like drug cartels, are very active throughout the country, leading to clashes and territorial disputes. Violent crime is also a serious concern, with high rates of homicides, kidnappings, and assaults, even in popular tourist destinations like Cancún and Acapulco. To stay safe, it's important to remain vigilant, stick to tourist areas, and avoid travelling at night. Always be mindful of your surroundings and monitor local media closely.


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