Health Canada Has Recalled These Burgers Sold In Quebec Due To Undeclared Ingredients

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Frozen burgers in a grocery store.

Frozen burgers in a grocery store.

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regularly recall food items for reasons ranging from bacterial contamination to undeclared allergens. Recalls in Quebec in recent weeks have included hummus and cheese products, as well as a ginger powder. Now, the federal health department is removing an M&M brand burger from the marketplace because the CFIA says, it contains an ingredient that's not specified on its packaging.

The recall dates back to September 9, 2022, and involves the following product:

  • M&M Food Market — Prime Rib Beef Burgers (852g)
According to the CFIA, the product contains undeclared gluten and wheat, which poses a risk for anyone gluten intolerant or with celiac disease.

The recalled item has been sold in Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Health Canada is urging the public to not use, sell, serve or distribute the burger. If you so happen to be in possession of the affected M&M brand burger, the CFIA recommends you return it to the point of purchase or toss it out if the presence of gluten and wheat is of concern.

Health Canada did not indicate whether or not the recalled item has caused any illnesses. But consumers can report health or safety concerns by contacting the department here.

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