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Kiana From ‘Occupation Double’ Is Officially Dating Philippe, Who Was Kicked Off The Show

"There hasn't been a night that I haven't slept beside him."

Kiana and Philippe from Occupation Double Martinique.

Kiana and Philippe from Occupation Double Martinique.

Occupation Double Martinique has been delivering heaps of drama this season, more than it had probably planned. After production decided to kick off Isaack and Philippe over accusations of bullying, it didn't take much time before Phil's love interest, Kiana threw in the towel.

Kiana voluntarily left the house following Philippe's eviction, which came as a shock to, well...nobody. Since leaving the OD competition, Kiana has opened up about her relationship with Philippe and confirmed that the two, are, in fact, dating.

The 25-year-old appeared on Rémi Desgagné's YouTube series "Truth or Drink" on November 7, and she spilled all kinds of deets regarding what viewers didn't get to see on-screen and where she and Philippe stand today.

When Rémi pushed for some juicy details about Kiana and Philippe, the OD star was a little reluctant to share too much, saying that everything between the two was "really good."

Considering many fans weren't feeling Philippe this season (for obvious reasons), Kiana explained that the version of Philippe she knows is not the same person viewers watched this season. Kiana went on to describe Philippe as a caring guy, saying that she's "happy".

"From what I've seen of [Philippe] is that he is an extraordinary person, he has a big heart," she said. Kiana got slightly flustered when the topic of their relationship continued, saying that not only are they "really lining up to be a couple," but that they've even said those "magic words to each other."

"I'm gonna say okay, [we're a couple,]" Kiana finally admitted. In fact, the duo have been spending a lot of time together.

"Since we've been back, there hasn't been a night that I haven't slept beside him," the former OD player said.

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