9 Maps Showing Hilariously Honest 'Ways To Divide Canada'

If there's one thing that can bring Canadians together, it's their opinion of other Canadians — and these maps showing "9 ways to divide Canada" prove we have more in common than we might think.

The maps, originally posted to Reddit by one Riley Richard (u/RileyRichard) and created with help from Windsor, Ontario writer Jared Jackson-Ferrans,* hilariously reimagine Canadian political boundaries.

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What do the maps of Canada show?

The maps illustrate Canadians' attitudes about other regions, as well as some geographical and historical facts.

One map, for example, shows an ironic division among Canadians' perceptions of Montreal.

While most of Canada "likes" the country's second-largest city, Quebec itself is shown to "hate" its metropolis.

A similar map, designed by Jackson-Ferrans, depicting attitudes about Toronto, shows the whole country, Toronto included, hating the city. 

There are cool little factoids too.

Did you know, for example, that the capital cities of four of the 13 provinces and territories are on islands? 

What was the inspiration for the maps?

"Been a proud Canadian my whole life, and I've always loved how my country is so massive and diverse that different provinces have entirely different mentalities," Richard told MTL Blog.

"Decided to make this map as a joke to share with my other map-loving friends and they all suggested I post it!"

"I was floored by the positive responses I got! I may have picked on Quebec a little bit in this map, but as a proud French-Canadian I feel I've earned the right!"

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