9 Of The Most Over-The-Top Christmas Items Costco Is Selling In Montreal RN

From ridiculously large to just plain WOW... 🎄

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9 Of The Most Over-The-Top Christmas Items Costco Is Selling In Montreal RN

If you've been shopping lately, you probably noticed stores knocking down their spooky season displays and putting Christmas stuff up instead — and Costco is no exception. On a recent trip to Montreal's new Costco location in Anjou, we discovered that it's basically a Christmas village right now full of decorations, gifts and general holiday cheer.

But since it's Costco, this isn't just regular Christmas stuff. Much of it is ridiculously gigantic or over-the-top in some way, shape or form. If you want to go all out this holiday season, here are some Costco finds that may inspire you.

Full-On Nativity Scenes

Price: $129.99

Details: You don't need to go to church to be regaled with the story of Jesus' birth. This handpainted, 13-piece nativity scene can be displayed in your very own home. It's available at all Costco locations throughout November.

Giant Lindor Truffles

Price: $24.99

Details: Lindt LINDOR chocolate truffles make delicious treats and gifts any time of year but especially at Christmas time. Instead of getting a bag of regular-sized Lindor truffles, you can get one humongous 550-gram truffle at Costco — perfect if it's being gifted to a giant or if you keep telling yourself you're only allowed one chocolate per day this holiday season. This is available at the Anjou location as well as other locations.

Massive Ornaments

Price: $99.99

Details: This ornament is so big that it'd cause your tree to topple over, so you'll have to place it somewhere else instead. Luckily, there are LED lights so it's snazzy enough to be standalone decor. This is available at the Anjou location and will be available at other locations sporadically.

Dolce & Gabbana Chocolates

Price: $36.99

Details: Sometimes regular chocolate just won't do. That's when you need designer chocolate. The fashionista in your life might appreciate this Dolce & Gabbana collaboration with Baci and hopefully, the chocolate tastes as good as the packaging looks. In Montreal, you can only get this at the Anjou location.

Advent Calendars... For Dogs

Price: $22.99

Details: Dogs shouldn't miss out on the fun of advent calendars just because they're, well, dogs.

Update: Costco has recalled this product if sold between October 1, 2021 and December 8, 2021 (item code of 2462182) because they do not meet "quality standards." Customers can return the item to stores for a full refund and should not feed the treats to their pets.

Ham As Big As Your Head

Price: $139.99

Details: Serrano ham adds a little Spanish flair to your Christmas tradition. What's more, you probably won't run out because you can get a whole leg of it at Costco.

Christmas Villages With Moving Trees & Trains

Price: Varies but budget around $120

Details: If you love Christmas window displays, you can basically turn a corner of your home into one with a mechanical Christmas village that plays music and has moving parts, such as trains that run on tracks spinning Christmas trees. These are available at the Anjou location and will be available at other locations sporadically.

Musical Cuckoo Clocks

Price: Varies but budget around $90

Details: Cuckoo clocks are already "extra" to begin with. Combine them with Christmas music and you've got yourself something doubly extra for this holiday season. These are available at the Anjou location and will be available at other locations sporadically.

Stamps By The 100

Price: $88.20

Details: If you still use snail mail and have a LOT of friends, these stamps will get you through the Christmas card season. Santa himself might go for these stamps if he sent gifts via Canada Post instead of the old sleigh and chimney method.

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