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A Halloween-Inspired Pop-Up Bar Will Serve Up Scares & Spooky Cocktails In Montreal This Fall

And there's a sneak peek coming this August!

Attendees show off their costumes at a Black Lagoon pop up. Right, spooky decorations on a table.

Attendees show off their costumes at a Black Lagoon pop up. Right, spooky decorations on a table.

Rob Zombie fans and cocktail aficionados rejoice: a spectacularly spooky pop-up bar is coming to Montreal this October. Black Lagoon , recently dubbed Canada’s Best Pop-Up Bar , promises to bring a spookily immersive hardcore-inspired scene to Montreal’s 132 Bar Vintage this fall.

The horror-ific experience comes with several themed cocktails, with creepy colours and names like the Screaming Banshee – made with gin, pineapple syrup, and Greek yogurt – or the Closed Casket, a whiskey-based drink mixed with passionfruit syrup and a miso falernum.

Black Lagoon isn’t just for Montrealers to enjoy. There are eight more pop-ups in the series, including spaces in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Portland.

If you can’t imagine waiting until August, don’t worry: there will be a pop-up media preview event on August 16 which will be open to the public after 7:30 p.m.. Don’t worry, we’ll get there first to bring you an early sneak peek of what we can expect this fall – drinks, decor and all!

The event’s styling takes its cues from cult horror and goth sensibilities, leaning "more House of 1,000 Corpses and less The Nightmare Before Christmas ," according to a press release. That’s not to say it won’t be a friendly, inviting spot. "We want this to be a space for the weird, for the misfits and the goths," creator Erin Hayes explained . Cocreator Kelsey Ramage added, “As an adult, this concept embraces my inner goth metal kid who just loved Halloween. We just want to let people have fun and experience true freedom from judgment,” in the same release.

Black Lagoon Preview

Where: 132 Bar Vintage, 132 Rue Fleury O., Montréal

When: Tuesday, August 16, 7:30 p.m.


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