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A Huge Montreal Drag Convention & Iconic Line-Up Of Queens Will Sashay Into Montreal

Some of the biggest wigs in the biz! 👠✨

​Michel Dorion. Right: Rita Baga.

Michel Dorion. Right: Rita Baga.

Montreal is poised to shine brighter than ever this fall with the arrival of Rendez-vous de la Drag, Quebec's first drag convention.

With a glittering line-up of over 75 local and international drag artists ready to strut their stuff, the convention, set for October 28 and 29 at the Palais des congrès, promises to be a rhinestone-studded celebration of queer culture and all things drag.

Drawing inspiration from DragCon events in Los Angeles and London, Rendez-vous de la Drag is preparing to put Montreal on the world drag map. And who better to navigate attendees through the flurry of feathers and sequins than local drag royalty, Michel Dorion and Rita Baga. They're set to host the two-day extravaganza, most of it in French.

Dorion, a three-decade industry veteran, is practically an institution in Montreal. Known for his flamboyant costumes, sharp wit and captivating performances, Dorion has garnered an enthusiastic following.

Over the years, he has not only set stages ablaze in Montreal's renowned drag venues but also established his own institution, Bar Le Cocktail in the Village, and recently founded Productions MIDOR, Quebec's first drag artist management agency.

Rita Baga, one of Canada's most celebrated queens, will join Dorion on the hosting duties. Baga charmed the nation with her larger-than-life persona and unshakeable confidence on Canada's Drag Race. Away from the screen, Baga has been a catalyst for drag art in Quebec, hosting events, mentoring performers, and consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible in drag.

But Rendez-vous de la Drag is more than a spectacle. As Dorion has noted, the convention aims to foster a genuine connection between the audience and the artists, providing a platform for deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse and rich art form.

A dazzling array of artists from across the globe are set to grace the stage, including performers from France, Belgium and Mexico. The convention also emphasizes inclusivity, welcoming every facet of the drag rainbow, from impersonators and drag kings to trans and cis women performing as queens.

Confirmed artists include Lolita Banana (Drag Race México/Drag Race France), Soa de Muse (France), Kam Hugh (France), and La Big Bertha (France). Also gracing the stage will be Drag Couenne (Belgium), Athena Sorgelikis (Belgium), Barbada, Mona de Grenoble, Rock Bière, RV Métal, Sasha Baga, Crystal Starz, Miss Butterfly, Velma Jones and Ciatha Night.

Aside from performances, attendees can look forward to a variety of panel discussions and workshops that delve into the artistry behind the breathtaking drag looks. For those interested in the secrets behind larger-than-life wigs and immaculate makeup, this event is a unique opportunity.

Tickets are available at a bargain rate during the presale until June 15. Options range from a single-day attendance to a full VIP experience with perks such as early access, express lines and gift bags.

The full Rendez-vous de la drag program will be revealed on June 16, surely with more thrills, frills and spills (of tea).

Rendez-vous de la drag

When: October 28 - 29

Where: Palais des congrès, 1001, place Jean-Paul Riopelle

Cost: Starts at $35 for a show; $50 for single-day passes; $85 for the weekend

More at

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